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Wembley Veterinary Hospital



  • Seperate dog & cat areas
  • Dog and cat boarding
  • Dedicated suite for all our Surgical procedures
  • Laboratory equipment on site
  • Dentistry, Oto-endoscopy, Xray and Ultrasound available
  • Puppy Training Classes

Boarding & Grooming

The Wembley Veterinary Hospital offers a complete boarding service for cats and dogs. Our fully trained boarding staff will ensure your pet receives the very best treatment while you’re away.

You can rest assured that your pet will enjoy a quiet, stress free and enjoyable stay with us.

We offer a walking service for dogs and all pets that stay with us for more than four days receive a FREE bath!

If you would like to know more about the boarding services on offer at the Wembley Veterinary Hospital, contact us on 9387 1555.


The Wembley Veterinary Hospital has a busy grooming department that is capable of grooming and clipping any breed of Dog or Cat. The most common breeds we see are Poodles, Schnauzers, Bichon frise and Terriers.  But under the hair dryer, right next to the fluffy Poodle might be...